Passenger Information System

Passenger Information System

This system is designed to facilitate passengers with information on present and next halting station through audio and visual displays using GPS in sub urban trains like EMUs (Electrical Multiple Units), MEMUs (Mainline Electrical Multiple Units) and DEMUs (Diesel Electrical Multiple Units). Unlike the present system of rotating the destination board (Head Code) by motor man, this system uses LED based Head Codes with necessary information like destination, via stations, number of cars etc.

RDSO Specification: RDSO/PE/SPEC/EMU/0065

Approved by RDSO (Research Designs & Standards organization), Ministry of Railways,Govt. of INDIA.


  • DDC (Driver Desk Console).
  • HCDB (Head Code Display Board).
  • ICDB (In Coach Display Board).
  • AAU (Audio Announcement Unit) and Amplifier.
  • Speakers.
Features of DDC:
  • Easy of operation with keypad and navigation through LCD menu.
  • Automatic selection of master if other DDC fails.
  • Reports for route log data for future analysis.
  • USB database dumping and log downloading.
Features of AAU:
  • All audio files are recorded by professional in sound proof cabins.
  • Pleasant and clear announcement without noise.
  • Auto volume adjustment with noise sensing.
Features of display boards ( HCDB & ICDB ):
  • Multilingual Display.
  • LEDs with better viewing angle and better life time.
  • Dust proof, weather proof and water proof .
  • Auto brightness adjustment with ambient light sensor.

Head Code In-Coach Display
Case Dimension (LxDxH) 1073 X 50 X 180 680mm X 80mm X 135mm
Display Matrix 16X48 16X48
Number of Sides Single Sided Single Sided
LED type Diffused Diffused
Pixel Size 5mm Oval smd
Pixel Pitch 8mm 3.2mm x 2.8mm
Pixel Color amber amber
Character Height 120mm 80mm
LED brightness 100 mcd 100 mcd
Viewing Angle 60° 60°
Viewing Distance 50 mts 120 mts
Interface RS485 RS485
Case Material CRCA sheet to IS 513 with Powder
coating and with anti glare
toughened glass front cover
CRCA sheet to IS 513 with Powder
coating and with anti glare
toughened glass front cover
Mounting Ceiling suspension Ceiling suspension
IP IP54 IP54
Power Supply 90 - 135 V DC 90 - 135 V DC
Operating Temperature -20° to +70°C -20° to +70°C